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Do Epic Shit – Ankur Warikoo

In the book DO EPIC SHIT author Ankur Warikoo shared his thoughts, and experiences in their life. He is an entrepreneur and content creator. His thoughts range from creating a habit for long-term success to the foundation and importance of money management. Success and Failure Success is all about taking action. Most of the time we regret taking wrong decisions, or not doing something, then...

The Four Hour Workweek

Today there are few people who are enjoying their life by doing what they love and are passionate about. Nowadays everyone wants freedom, want to live their life happily by doing less work.In “The Four Hour Workweek” book, the author tells about how we can achieve freedom by doing less work.So author Tim Ferriss introduces a term called “New Rich” which will give you more time and...

Specialized Knowledge – Personal Experience or Observation

There are two kinds of knowledge. One is General Knowledge and another is Specialized Knowledge. General knowledge is a lot in the world and it is in a variety of forms but it has very little use to accumulate money. Most of the teachers, professors have general knowledge but with less or no money. They specialized in teaching the knowledge but not how to organize it, how to use it and make...

Faith – The Second Step Towards Rich

Faith is the second step towards rich. It is a positive emotion that can help you to do anything you want and make them true. We have already seen that Burning Desire is the first step towards rich. Mainly there are three strong emotions – Faith, Love, and Sex. When you combine any of these emotions with your thoughts, it will become a really Powerful Combination.  Faith is the basis of all...

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