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Do Epic Shit – Ankur Warikoo

In the book DO EPIC SHIT author Ankur Warikoo shared his thoughts, and experiences in their life. He is an entrepreneur and content creator. His thoughts range from creating a habit for long-term success to the foundation and importance of money management.

Success and Failure

Success is all about taking action. Most of the time we regret taking wrong decisions, or not doing something, then it’s ok.

Start Today.

We often think about other people’s life being sorted but it’s not true. Everyone is facing problems, figuring out what they want to do.

Don’t compare yourself with others, it might generate self-doubt. Believe in you.

Explore yourself in every other field. You don’t need to live your life with just one identity.

  • You can be an entrepreneur
  • You can be a content creator
  • You can be a sportsperson
  • You can be a teacher

Without exploring yourself in another field you will just get the experience of learning the same thing again and again.

“While you are building your skills, the most important thing to build is your reputation”

– Ankur Warikoo

So, work on learning and exploring new skill sets.


Habits are the building blocks of our life. Your habits define who you will become in the next 5 years.

Set new goals, and daily routines, and learn something every day, these habits will help you to move ahead in your life.

If your goal is big then break it into parts and set habits of doing that small part every day and eventually you will end up achieving your goal.

Most important skills today that we hardly taught:

  • Humour
  • Storytelling
  • Managing money
  • Human psychology
  • Cold emailing

These are important skills that everyone should learn. We know that it takes 21 days to set a new habit.


Many times, we have taken a wrong decision in our life, and it is just because of not having awareness of the situation.

Also, if we ensure between two choices, don’t pick both because it always creates confusion.

For eg.

Do you want money or power?

Do you want an awesome college or an awesome course?

So, two choices are always creating confusion. So, it’s better to choose one and succeed in it.

Not taking any decision is always a wrong decision. If you don’t move, then you are always in the same place. Have some courage and take some calculated risks.

Awareness is the start of the decision.

Not the end of it.


Entrepreneurship is all about understanding customers and building trust. If your customer can’t trust you then it doesn’t matter how smart you are.

If you want to discover yourself, and your true potential then entrepreneurship is a great way.

In the initial days, everything is going right. You are making money, building a team, growing fast, new offices, branding, and developing culture.

But in the end, how you handle yourself and your mental state during tough times, when things are not in your control. This time truly determines who you are.

In your initial days, you are everything for your start-up. You are the marketing guy, you are the one who develops products, and the website writes content, and works 24/7.

This time tests you and if you survive, then no one can stop you.


We should know finance, and money lessons as early as our life. If you often do the mistake of taking loans to buy real estate, stocks, etc. without understanding the consequences of that.

Instead of buying liabilities, create assets. Pay off your bills, and loan first then take a decision about the remaining money.

Today, you should know about:

  • Taxes
  • Inflation
  • Compounding
  • Investing
  • Assets


You first learn to love yourself. People forgot to love themselves and seek out others.

Remember, no one is responsible for your happiness.

Be grateful for what you have, and appreciate the people who help you in your journey. Saying thank you and feeling thankful creates a strong relationship.

Understanding each other, giving time to your relationship, and learning from each other are what make a relationship beautiful.

There are people who tell you that you are wrong. There are people that help you see where you are right.

Then you know very well, whom to choose.

Choose wisely!!

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