Begin With The End In Mind

You don’t know what people will say about you after you die. But you can change this thing by making your good image in everyone’s mind.

Your personality, your thoughts, your behavior towards other people, how kind you are and your helping nature helps you to become the person that everyone remembers.

But the question is, are you doing all the activities that will make you remember at last? How much you have achieved?

So, today we will learn how to develop a good personality?

Basically, the “Begin with the end in mind” habit helps you to decide, which things are more important to you.

Also what I am trying to achieve, what the purpose of what I am trying to achieve, why are these outcomes important/valuable, what outcome do I want?

So, once you find the answer to all questions, then it will be easy for you to achieve your goal.

So, let’s get started…

Resume Virtues Vs Eulogy Virtues

Resume virtues are those things that you are writing on your resume. These things show your external success.

For example-

Your job title, money, skills, victory

Eulogy Virtues express your internal habits and show your internal success.

For example-

Your kindness, Bravery, Honesty, Faith, etc.

When you talk to another person kindly, expressing your feelings then actually you are spreading love to everyone. Then this person always talks about your Eulogy Virtues.

But when you are dealing in business, talking about your job and power then another person always talks about your Resume virtues.

So, you have to think that which things are important to you and what kind of person you want to become?

Four steps process to develop this habit

1. Live life by your own script


Most of the time, we want to take a decision by considering Eulogy Virtues. But we are living in a society where people like external success more rather than internal success.

The best example of it is our parents. They always say that do study hard to get a good job. Actually, this is not bad but what about your internal voice.

After getting a good job you show the people about your external success.

So, listen to your inner voice, develop your proactive personality, and do what you like.

2. Block off uninterrupted time

Block off uninterrupted time

By taking a break from your everyday activities gives some time to yourself. Understand your inner voice. Ask some question to yourself that are you following your heart?

Are you really happy with the life that you are living and if not then what I need to change?

Find the answer to all these questions. Do what you like most. You can write a diary, and do other activities that help you to analyze that are on the right track or not?

And the most important thing, try to understand your feeling.

This time will help you to change your life.

3. Prioritize your roles in life

Prioritize your roles in life

We are living in a world where we have many roles in our life.

For example-

  • Husband/Wife
  • Father/Mother
  • Son/Daughter
  • Brother/Sister
  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Soldier
  • Employee

And many more roles we have in our life.

So, prioritize your role in your life. Write down your first five important roles in your life.

4. Define the purpose of each role

Define the purpose of each role

In your list, you have to understand each role.

For example-

Understand that, what type of values you are giving to your parents when you are in a son role.

What type of values you are giving to your parents as a good son? Be the son that you like.

For example-

“I want my dad to remember me as a caring and responsible son”. Whenever they are talking about me to their friends, they tell me how much I love them. When I need any advice I always take from my parents.

So, remember that everyone has different abilities and skills. Don’t try to copy others. Do what you like and what you want to become.

This good habit I learned from the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. If you also like this habit and want to know more about other habits, that you can buy this book or listen to the audiobook of this book.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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