Man’s Search For Meaning

In the twenty-first century, humans are feeling a lot of existential emptiness and purposelessness, and we are the reason for this.

Because we developed new machines, modernized technology. With the help of this technology and machine, the work started becoming easier and quicker, so we saved a lot of time.

But the only regret is that people could not use this remaining time properly, they do not understand what we should do in this free time.

Due to this, people have to face emptiness.


Deal With The Feeling Of EMPTINESS

Today, when people get a few moments out of the race of life, they feel lonely or empty. This emptiness is visible not only in the young and working people but also in the elderly people.

Our emptiness is often associated with personality disorder in which distorted feelings towards oneself, and thoughts of suicide come to mind.

This emptiness comes because we have a deep desire to get more wealth than happiness.

Life does not happen the way we think, some things remain incomplete as well. So, humans keep thinking about this incompleteness, due to which people slowly move towards loneliness.

It is not that there is no emptiness in the person who is busy in life at all times, but emptiness can come at any age because of the needs of professional success,  respect, and love.

If you do not reduce this emptiness in a certain time, then you may suffer depression.

Another reason for increasing sadness and emptiness is the overuse of social media.

When we use such apps, then instead of increasing the quality of our life, this app makes us feel more lonely and depressed.

When we see posts of our friends and relatives on social media we thought that they are very happy and enjoying their life.

So we feel sadness and get jealous of them, and due to this we also post our photos on social media for getting more likes but only regret is that we get likes of our fake smile.

So in this way, we continuously connect all our emotions with social media.

So, In order to overcome that emptiness, we should spend time with ourselves while in the meantime we should focus on ourselves, our dreams, habits.

And also celebrate a small part of success. We should feel happiness instead of emptiness.


The meaning of life is different for every human and this changes from time to time.

Today we are more stressed than before because we always worry about our dreams, our future work. In all this, we are forgetting what life is and how we have to live it.

We cannot find the meaning of life because we follow the rules given by society.  Everyone has accepted the rules of society, this is the reason for our problem.

We must stay true to our character and live up to our own values.

So, our life cannot be meaningful or purposeful as long as we continue to follow the rules of society.

So, we have to find the meaning of our life,  accept the ups and downs of life, and make life easier.

The writer of man’s search for meaning says that 

Each man is questioned by life, and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life, he can only respond by being responsible.”

So, let’s see how we find meaning in our life:

We can find meaning in our lives through our work, as we should have a purpose for our job so that we can be happy, passionate, and successful in our job.

When we enjoy our work, we remain confident, we work fast,  stay conscious about work, So because of all this, we achieve success in our work.

According to logotherapy, meaning cannot be found only through work but also with love.

The struggle of this phase is to learn not only to accept ourselves but to love ourselves because No one else will love you until you love yourself.

So you have to love yourself, your work, and your dreams.

When you love something, it gives your life meaning or making you also love yourself unconditionally.

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.”

Thomas Merton

We must never forget that we may also find meaning in life even when faced with a hopeless situation. Because when we are in sorrow, we make more effort to get out of that sorrow and make life happier. 

We have to get the meaning of life in our work, to achieve goals, Giving to others in time, money or helping them. One of the most liberating things is to find your purpose.

This will give all the meaning you require for your life.

I hope you learned more about life in this blog.

If you want to read this book that is “Man’s search for meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl then you can buy it from the below link.

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