The Four Hour Workweek

Today there are few people who are enjoying their life by doing what they love and are passionate about. Nowadays everyone wants freedom, want to live their life happily by doing less work.

In “The Four Hour Workweek” book, the author tells about how we can achieve freedom by doing less work.

So author Tim Ferriss introduces a term called “New Rich” which will give you more time and mobility to enjoy and live your life as you want.

To become part of the New Rich, let’s follow the DEAL mantra followed by author Tim Ferriss.

It’s not like that if you read the book to become rich then you will become rich. People read more books about money, to become rich but they did not become rich.

Only 1% of them become rich and it’s not the fault of the book, it’s because they are not taking any action on what they read and they do not believe easily.

So find what stopping you to become rich. What are the steps, actions you have not taken?

Also, think about how you can increase your annual income. Do not depend on only one source of money. 

“Don’t put your all eggs into one basket”

Go for passive income rather than active income. And try to make your work automate and that actually gives you freedom.

“What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.” 

The author also said about growing your network by contacting famous people.

E For Elimination

To keep work time minimum and only include important work. Try to use the 80/20 principle.

Also by keeping minimum work time be assured that you are doing only important work. Here you can you Parkinson’s law – Give as minimum as the time to complete the work.

Eliminate your work by avoiding emails, meetings, and phone calls if it is not urgent, important, and meaningful.

Check your emails only once a day and attend the meeting with some time limitations which having proper meeting agenda.

Also, make a habit of knowing and reading only important and effective information and other information you can ask to your friends and family members about news, other things.

Try to maintain a to-do list and not a to-do list. This will help you to get more focused.

A For Automation

Try to automate all your work one by one and eliminate time-consuming work from it.

In this automation process author also talk about people skill. You can easily learn more about people skill from “How to win friends and influence people” book.

While talking with the people rather than making your voice louder try to increase the quality of your discussion. 

Because most of the time it is really important that everyone should have good people skill that actually helps you lot in every point of your life.

L For Liberation

Here author said about “Mini Retirement”. 

If currently, you are an employee of the company the few things you can do for “New Rich”.

Increase your employer’s investment in you.

Try to do your work from home and show your boss that how much more you can achieve when you are not in the office.

Propose a remote working trial period. This could start at one day per week.

And from here, you can gradually increase your remote working time.

Overall, the most important things in life are to enjoy yourself and to feel good about yourself. Author Tim Ferriss does state that two components are fundamental to the New Rich: service and continual learning. 

And at last, once you discover that life is not a problem to be solved or a game to be won, a real-world of opportunities opens up.

Do not chase an ideal of success mindlessly, if you do so then you miss out on all of the fun, especially when you recognize that the only rules and limits that exist are those that you set for yourself, not by anyone. 

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