Health is Wealth

We all know the famous quote Health is Wealth but when one of us is fighting with birth and death on a hospital bed or our small negligence related to health gives us big crisis only then we will know its true meaning.

You know what?

Insects or animals are more disciplined and intelligent than humans. 

I explain if we go to see ants they always walk in a line. It means they have the discipline. before the rainy season, they make a home for themselves and also collect their food. 

It means that they have proper planning according to their problems. 

So ants are intelligent too though they are small they have foresight they think about long-term profit. 

But in the case of humans, they also have foresight but mainly for money, carrier, goals, and settlement but very few of us take care of our health in a realistic manner. 

Health= Physical fitness + Mental fitness

Good health is a state of physical and mental in which disease, injury, infirmity, and stress are absent. 

Very few people give attention to health. Some of us only take care of physical health but when we are physically and mentally stable at that time we are 100% healthy. 

If you want a better future and the best settlement then start to take care of yourself. Your health also affects your work. 

I know including me all of us are so busy in our life.

We don’t get time for ourselves but from today we try to give time to ourselves and think about only one thing after 20/30 years what you like to sleep in bed with trouble(health-related) or live life happily with enjoying every movement.

Today I give you simple and easy Mantras for being as well as stay healthy.

  • Take a glass of water in the morning, try to take buttermilk after lunch, take a cup of milk before sleep, this formula keeps your digestion healthy.
  • Take a proper diet, eat more green leafy vegetables, tubers(salad) fruits, pulses, cereals, and fibrous food.

  • Drink maximum water in a day, it keeps you energetic.
  • Try to take your every meal at the proper time.
  • Avoid fast food, package food, stale food, and freeze food.

  • After every meal walks a minimum of 100 steps (10 to 15 min) it helps for your better digestion.
  • Daily give a minimum of 30-45 minutes for yourself. In that minutes you can do exercise, walk if not possible simply do yoga, meditation (minimum for 15 min), and Surya namaskar this keep you away from illness, stress and also increase your immunity.
  • Before going to sleep close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just summarize your whole day.

  • Possibly sleep for two hours after a meal.
  • Take proper sleep, 6-8 hours.

  • Share your thoughts and opinion with others, try to open up your mind if you can’t do this then write all these things on paper or in the diary. It minimizes your stress.
  • When you feel frustrated or tense then try to find the reason for your tension silently think about finding a solution and do five things:
  1. Take a deep breath (concentrate on your breathing)
  2. Hold the fingers(fist) tightly, and then open it, try to smile
  3. Think about all the good things and happy memories
  4. Do meditation close your eyes
  5. Just sit silently for some time.

We don’t realize that but we work daily so hard and also going through stress and trouble. It’s important to take proper care of our body and if we don’t then one day it will react to our health very badly.

Due to industrialization pollution increased, use of fertilizers increased which is also affect on our body. Due to our fast life our body trouble so much it needs proper rest and peace.

For the last year, we are facing Covid-19 and now we got a vaccine but it is not a permanent solution.

If you want your safety then follow WHO guidelines against the Covid-19 try to increase your immune power, this is the best option you have.

Above Mantras keep you away from every health issue and they also increase your immunity.

They are easy to follow if you try to change your habits then definitely you can live a healthy and happy life because

‘’If wealth is lost something is lost but if health is lost  everything is lost.’’

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