Do epic shit

Do Epic Shit – Ankur Warikoo

In the book DO EPIC SHIT author Ankur Warikoo shared his thoughts, and experiences in their life. He is an entrepreneur and content creator. His thoughts range from creating a habit for long-term success to the foundation and importance of money management. Success and Failure Success is all about taking action. Most of the time we regret taking wrong decisions, or not doing something, then...

Begin With The End In Mind

You don’t know what people will say about you after you die. But you can change this thing by making your good image in everyone's mind.Your personality, your thoughts, your behavior towards other people, how kind you are and your helping nature helps you to become the person that everyone remembers.But the question is, are you doing all the activities that will make you remember at last? How...
Proactive People

How To Develop A Proactive Personality

Being proactive is a pillar of spiritual growth and meaningful development.  Proactive people are more successful than reactive people because they always believe in taking action, understand their responsibilities and never blame others. “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decision.”Dr. Stephen R. CoveyProactive people always believe in taking initiative. So,...
good habits

5 Good Habits You Should Know

Developing good habits takes a significant amount of work. It doesn’t happen overnight. However, the micro-changes approach is the best way to implement any habit in your life. How does it work? Simple, all you need to do is spend some time each day.  YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE YOUR LIFE UNTIL YOU CHANGE SOMETHING YOU DO DAILY.  Keep in mind that several studies suggest that habits account for...

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