Six ways to make people like you – How to win friends and influence people

In this world, everyone wants to love, respect, attraction, sympathy, fame, money. There is no one who doesn’t like it. In our business, family, friends we want people who like me in all the cases.We heard most of the time that “How you treat others is how you invite them to treat you”. This sentence is right in most cases, but if you want the unbelievable result from day one then you need...

How good relationship make your life happier?

If you go to see relationships sounds very simple but if you go to handle it then it is quite confusing and difficult. Why confusing and difficult?  Whatever the relationship, it doesn't matter anymore but to give the right to every relation is matter and important. You know what, relationships are like petals of flowers.  If you hold it very tightly, it will wither, if you keep it loose it...

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