The Burning Desire

The Starting Point of All Achievement – The Burning Desire

The first step towards becoming rich is you should have a burning desire. Most of the time people only have the wish to achieve goals, money, car but due to lack of faith and burning desire they can’t achieve it. Let me share one small story to understand better about strong desire. In 1519, Hernan Cortes went through the way of water in order to conquer the foreign land. And he has a strong...

How to build a successful business/startup – The Lean Startup

People think that to start a business/startup we need unique ideas and more money, and by doing hard work on that idea we will become successful.This is the myth because before every successful company there was a small start. For example-Before YouTube, it was a dating site, not a video sharing site, and before Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had created a "Facemash" website on which we can play...

How to become rich – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Before getting started we have to first understand that, there is NO such universal statement like “Only rich people do business and become milliners and other people do the job and live a normal life”.This is the restriction that we have made for us.There are many people who change their life applying principles in their life which are mention in the book and become rich.Now the time comes...

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