The Burning Desire

The Starting Point of All Achievement – The Burning Desire

The first step towards becoming rich is you should have a burning desire. Most of the time people only have the wish to achieve goals, money, car but due to lack of faith and burning desire they can’t achieve it. 

Let me share one small story to understand better about strong desire. In 1519, Hernan Cortes went through the way of water in order to conquer the foreign land. And he has a strong desire to win this battle in order to conquer the land. 

But when they reached there, they saw that count of the enemies is more than the Hernan soldier. So, he told the soldiers to destroy their own ships. 

Because they could think about running from the battle if they feel that they are losing. 

But by burning the ship they have only two options, either you die while fighting or you must win whatever the condition or whatever the count of the enemies. 

And at last, they win this battle. This is how the strong desire works. 

The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just like a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat. 

-Napoleon Hill

Today I am going to tell you about six practical steps that are mention in the “Think and Grow Rich” book that will help you to achieve anything you want. With the help of burning desire, you can make your dreams into reality. 

While explaining these six steps we are taking an example of becoming rich. 

So, let’s get started… 

Fix the amount of money you want

It is not like that you want plenty of money. You need to fix the exact amount of money you want. 

There is a psychological reason for this, because once you choose the fixed amount of money then it will fit in your subconscious mind. And we know how the subconscious mind works

Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire

Now decide, which things you ready to scarifies

For example

How much time you are willing to give to learn new skills, how many hours you are working daily to achieve your goal, etc. 

We know that this is a universal rule – “You need to give something to achieve something in return for it”. 

Establish a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desire

Establish a definite date

Fix one date to achieve the money want. And decide with yourself that I will achieve that much amount money in any condition. To do this your burning desire will help you. 

Create a definite plan

Create a definite plan

Whatever the plan you have right now to achieve XYZ’s amount of money, take action. Don’t wait for the perfect planning, don’t waste your time now. Your actions are more important now. 

Whether you are ready or not, put your plan into action

Write down everything

Write down everything

Write down all the above four steps into the notebook. This will help you to the direction to analyze what you are doing.    

Read it daily

Reading daily will help you to fit these things into your subconscious mind. And this really important to “Think and Grow Rich”

By doing this daily you don’t lose your focus. 

So, these are the six steps that will help you to become rich. 

Don’t only wish for the things that you want. You should have a burning desire to achieve it. 

For example

Don’t only say that, “I wish I had a car” instead of that say, I will buy this car anyhow. 

I hope you like the article. This article is based on the “Think and Grow Rich” book. If you like to read it then you can buy this book from the below link. 

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