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The Power of Auto Suggestion – Think and Grow Rich

Auto suggestion is the medium for influencing the sub conscious mind. We have already seen the second step towards rich and now this is the third step towards riches. 

No thoughts, whether it is negative or positive, can enter the sub conscious mind without the aid of the principle of auto suggestion. 

Your sub conscious mind will act only when your thoughts are well mixed with emotions or feeling. Sometimes people don’t get result because the lack of understanding of principle of auto suggestion. 

thoughts are mixed with feelings.

Do not become discourage when you can’t apply the principle of auto suggestion first time. 

Because not everyone can understand it in one time. You need to try it until you understand how it work and then apply it slowly. 

The principle of auto suggestion is more about working on your first two steps to become a rich. You should need to more focus on Desire, Faith and repeat these steps.

To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting

– Edmund Burke

Summary of Instructions


Read loudly at night

Go into some quite spot (Preferably in bed at night) where no on can disturb you. Then read loudly the amount of money you intend to achieve. 

Once you carry out these instructions then see yourself already in possession of the money! 

For example:

Suppose that you intend to achieve $10,000 by the first of January then you need to give something return to achieve that money. 

Like if you are sales person then you need to give a best service for which you are capable of it. 


Repeats these instructions in day and night until you can see, the money you intent to accumulate. 


Make a written copy of your statements

Make a written copy of your statements and place it on somewhere like at your bedroom wall, where you can see it easily. Read it at morning and night until you memorized it.

Remember, you all are doing it for the purpose of giving orders to your sub conscious mind. 

And your sub conscious mind will act only upon instructions which are emotionalized and well mixed with feeling. 

Follow these instructions soon it will be replaced with belief, and soon become crystallized into Absolute Faith

Then you will be arrived at the point where you may truly say

“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul!” 

This is the chapter no 4 from the Think and Grow Rich. We are going to discuss all the chapter in this book. 

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